The Dark Legion consists of the five Dark Apostles found in the Mutant Chronicles Universe.  These include Algeroth, Demnogonis, Ilian, Muawijhe, and Semai.  Many of the characters begin with Close Combat abilities due to the model's lack of a gun as played in the Citadel.  Each Darktrooper team represents an element of Darkness that mankind must battle against including violence, disease, emptiness, deceit, and lust.  Special abilities include:

  • Algeroth - Each character begins with six life instead of the normal five.
  • Demnogonis - Characters gain a +1 CC when attacking.
  • Ilian - The team may enter through any entrance on the gameboard.
  • Muawijhe - Characters have no limit on the amount of actions per turn and have a higher number of Extra Actions per Rank.
  • Semai - The player may draw and use two Dark Symmetry Cards in a mission.

Siege of the Cathedral Characters